shoot interview: Joel Gertner joins the Insanity!

He’s a poet.  You know it.  And all the girls want to…hear his uncut shoot interview as “The Quintessential Studmuffin”  Joel Gertner joins the Insanity to talk about all things Gertner!

The Mother Goose of the fast and loose, Joel Gertner is one of the most recognizable stars associated with the original ECW.  His appeal has only grown since his time away as there was no one like Joel before him and there hasn’t been one since.  From making enemies with everyone from Cyrus to TV Guide all the way to his family’s thoughts on his shocking promos, Gertner talks about it all.  The only way to hear it?  You have to come…to and check it out.  Joel promises – you’ll have an eargasm.

In an ALL NEW 37 Minute Shoot, James Guttman and Joel Gertner discuss:

MXW Pro Wrestling

Their Upcoming Return Show
The Opening Night 16 Man Tournament
Pure Wrestling
Joel’s Personal Style
The Changing Face of Wrestling
The Difference Between the Late 90s and Now
How Things Changed
The Violence of Pro Wrestling
Roddy Piper
Jake Roberts
Over-Written Promos
WWE Raw – Censored, Cut, and Cooked
Hollywood Writers
Losing The Unique Quality of Wrestling
Respect For Vince McMahon
Growing Up With WWF
Joey Jaguar
Indy Shows
His ECW Tryout
Developing The Joel Gertner Character
His Wardrobe
The Story of Why Joel Didn’t Wear a Shirt
The Austin Idol Connection
His Family Seeing Him Perform
Their Reaction
Biggest Gertner Fan – His Grandmother
The Show He Brought His Family To
Having Their Blessing For MXW
Going Over The Line
Entertaining Himself
Being In The Middle of Dudley Boy Near-Riots
The Insane Amount of Heat They Had
Controlled Chaos
Trusting Atlas Security
Pushing Buttons
The ECW Locker Room
His Brief Time in WWE and TNA
Politics of Wrestling
The Infamous JFK Jr. Promo
What He Was Told To Do
The Heat Magnet It Was
MSG Network Refusing To Air It
Going For Comedy
Crossing The Line
Media Reaction
Getting Jeered By TV Guide
Turning Babyface
Feeling Out The Crowd
The Night Paul Heyman Got Upset With Him
Why You Can’t Tell The Fans What They Want
His Short Babyface Run
Feuding With Cyrus on TNN
The Plans For Babyface Gertner
How Vince McMahon’s ECW Played Out
Why Vince Couldn’t Duplicate ECW
Home Depot Running Dunkin Donuts
What Hurt The New ECW
The Master of Wrestling Promos

and More!

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