MXW’s goal is to provide quality professional wrestling in the form of live events and episodic television programs. While the entertainment and performance art aspects of the genre will be stressed and emphasized, they will not interfere with the sheer, unadulterated athleticism that we plan on giving to our viewers. We will adhere to and utilize all of the various facets that make professional wrestling the complicated and unique entity that it is, in what we believe are the proper proportions. By following this formula, we hope to provide a product that can be enjoyed by all wrestling fans, from the knowledgeable to the novice, from casual to fanatical.

We at MXW realize the need to stay on the cutting edge and constantly look forward, insofar as it pertains to the quality of our product. We aim to provide our fans with a new outlet, a new avenue and a revolutionary atmosphere in which they can enjoy professional wrestling. At the same time, we realize that there are already many good things about wrestling in the here and now, and we will not pretend to reinvent the wheel. Obviously, we will not rehash stale concepts and we certainly will not imitate whatever wrestling storyline appeared on television the week before. However, as we look to leap forward, we will do so with one foot firmly planted on the solidity of the present, and we will even sometimes look, with a reverential glance, at the things we love and admire from wrestling’s past. By paying tribute, in moderation, to the tried and true concepts that have captured wrestling fans’ hearts over the course of the last generation, by honoring the notions and athletes of the present as opposed to insulting them, and by doing our part to move wrestling into the future, we hope to achieve our goal of surviving, succeeding, and exceeding the expectations of our audience.

Over the course of our development, we hope to grow at a respectable, reasonable and moderate pace. We will not try to shoot the moon or take over the world. We will treat our audience with the respect they deserve, and we hope MXW fans will allow us the opportunity to continue to entertain them. We hope they will participate, cooperate, and share in our growth, our presentations and our ideals. We strive to achieve all of these things, and will not forget them at any point in our progression. We are MXW!